The guest should feel like a king

Good food and fast service – this is what Burger King Spain wants to offer its guests. Conway makes sure that the products are available at any time in the restaurants.

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On Saturday afternoon, the Burger King restaurants in Madrid are extremely busy. The reasons why guests come to the restaurants are likely to vary. It might be for a short break from shopping, a meeting with friends or to have some refreshments before an evening out at the cinema. However, their expectations will be similar. They want to have something tasty to eat in comfortable surroundings and within a short space of time. “The aim is to make our guests feel like kings by giving them good food and fast service,” commented Carlos Cifuentes, Supply Chain Director at Burger King Spain.

Tailor-made service packages in the supply chain are absolutely essential in order to ensure that sufficient products of the right quality are always available in the chain’s quick service restaurants. The platform for this has been provided by reliable, punctual and faultless deliveries.

Burger King Spain has teamed up with the ideal partner for this in ­Lekkerland’s Spanish subsidiary company Conway since 1992. “Conway takes care of our most important asset – food – and ensures that the necessary goods in optimum quality are delivered to the restaurants at the right time,” said Carlos Cifuentes.

Conway establishes order quantities in consultation with Burger King on the basis of past data and forecasts. It then places the orders with the suppliers, which deliver their goods directly to the logistics expert.

“Conway takes
care of our most important
asset – food.”

Carlos Cifuentes

Carlos Cifuentes

 Supply Chain Director
at Burger King Spain

The restaurants call up the goods electronically in accordance with their requirements. If there are any complaints, Conway takes care of processing with the supplier.

The strategic alliance between the two companies was extended in 2017 for another five years until 2023 and comprises delivery to currently 700 restaurants. Delivery covers the geographical areas of the Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic Islands and the Canaries, Andorra, Gibraltar, Melilla and Ceuta.

In March 2017, Conway was also honoured by Burger King Spain as Supplier of the Year. “The key factors for this award were Conway’s flexibility and the cooperation based on partnership. The two companies pursue the goal of being committed to serving the customer,” according to Carlos Cifuentes. The close cooperation with Conway contributes to the business success of the restaurant chain in Spain. And Burger King is able to concentrate entirely on its core business and its customers – making them kings.