Refuel properly

With the “Prima Bistro” concept from AVIA and Lekkerland, filling stations become popular places for snacks and coffee, as a visit to AVIA tenant Rainer Brosi shows.

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Our customers really appreciate being able to get a filled roll or hot snack when they fill up with fuel. They want to do everything in one go,” said Rainer Brosi. At his AVIA filling station in Mainburg near Ingolstadt, the conditions are ideal for meeting this customer requirement. This is because Rainer Brosi has implemented the “Prima Bistro” concept.

AVIA provides its lessees with a modular full-service bistro concept. This includes the design and fittings for the bistro corner, a comprehensive and flexible product range including all packaging materials. The offer is complemented with purpose-designed workwear, promotional materials, seasonal marketing materials, and advice and training sessions.

“Car drivers need to know what they can expect at Prima Bistro and then they will strategically look for AVIA filling stations as they seek refreshments on-the-go. That’s why we have created a brand with recognition value,” explained Julia Korner, Expert Marketing and Food Service at Deutsche AVIA Mineralöl-GmbH in Munich.

There is a dependable core range, which consists of a good range of filled rolls known as Prima Classics, complemented by a coffee based on the Prima Bistro recipe in cooperation with coffee roaster Segafredo.

Julia Korner

Expert Marketing and Food Service
at Deutsche AVIA Mineralöl-GmbH

“Lekkerland has always been exactly the right partner for us with its food service competence for development and implementation of this concept,” commented Julia Korner.

Alongside the wishes of consumers, the approach takes account of the requirements of the everyday routine at the filling station shop. Uniform recipes for bakery goods and coffee make preparation of the products much easier. Meanwhile, promotional materials and price labels displaying allergens and nutritional values reduce the work that has to be undertaken by the filling station personnel.

After the launch in spring 2017, “Prima Bistro” can now be found throughout Germany at around 140 AVIA ­filling stations. AVIA has joined forces with all the stakeholders involved to develop the concept further on the platform of the acquired experience. “The feedback from lessees is very positive. And we are also very satisfied with the development so far,” commented Julia Korner from AVIA. The same applies to Rainer Brosi. His customers like the new bistro a lot, reported the proprietor of the AVIA filling station in Mainburg. “A lot of people come here without even filling up with fuel. They want to get rolls or take a break for a snack.”

Transforming the filling station shop into the strategic purchasing outlet for convenience – this is a big success all round at AVIA Prima Bistro.