Lekkerland wishes you a pleasant flight

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Whether you want breakfast before starting your holiday, a coffee before a business appointment or an extra bottle of water – the “Convenience” lifestyle is particularly at home in traffic hubs such as airports. Creating this home from home is a logistic challenge. The special delivery conditions and checks, frequently long delivery routes, the special sales and peak times, the rapid delivery rate, and the service level expected by airport businesses require harmonised logistics and service ­processes.

“Lekkerland knows what we want, deals with our individual requirements and meets them,” commented Christine Sommer, Deputy Manager Purchasing, Travel Essentials at Lagardère Travel Retail Deutschland GmbH. She trusts her service providers to ensure that customers visiting the shops of Lagardère Travel Retail at Frankfurt Airport will always be able to purchase what they need for their trip.

“Lekkerland knows what we want, deals with our ­individual ­requirements and meets them.”

Special service for Lufthansa

“Snowfalls mean that flights to and from Frankfurt are being cancelled and there will be delays…” If such an alert goes out in the media during bad weather in winter, this means that in the worst-case scenario passengers already at the airport will have to wait about. Lufthansa offers them a variety of services in order to make the situation for these passengers more agreeable, ­including those services stipulated in regulations defined by the European Union (EU). These include drinks, meals or snacks free of charge.

Lekkerland has been a cooperation partner in Frankfurt since May 2017. When there are extended delays, the convenience specialist supplies catering trolleys to defined places with high passenger volumes at short notice. Passengers then have convenient access to soft drinks, sweets and savoury snacks.

“Our air passengers value this service from Lufthansa, which makes their waiting time more bearable,” reported Katja Stich, Manager Irregularity Management at Lufthansa. “We experience cooperation with ­Lekkerland as very professional and convenient.”

And the Lekkerland employees on the ground now keep an eye both on the needs of their customers and on the latest weather conditions.