Highlights 2017

New offers in the fields of e-va, our own brands as well as preparations for “Track & Trace” – ­Lekkerland develops innovative solutions for the ­long-term ­success of its customers.

e-va: Partner of the German Christmas Lottery

Gift cards are extremely popular as presents. They are also right at the top of the list of last-minute Christmas gifts.

Lekkerland took up this theme and complemented the e-va (electronic value) range by offering its customers lottery tickets from the German Christmas Lottery during the period before Christmas. These represented an attractive additional product with a charitable purpose.

The lottery was organised by the charitable Navidad Foundation gGmbH based on the Spanish model of “El Gordo”. 30 percent of the lottery income benefited charitable organisations, which used the proceeds to fund social projects in Germany.

In offline retail, the lottery tickets were exclusively supplied in the e-va prepaid range. Lekkerland took over distribution of lottery tickets throughout Germany and supported its customers in presentation of the lottery tickets within their retail space. Compact counter displays were developed for this purpose and the lottery tickets were also positioned on seasonal e-va campaign displays.

New own brand experiences strong growth

Today, consumers expect a selection of fresh snacks, bakery goods and speciality coffees when they are on-the-go. The requirement for ingredients increases in line with this expansion. ­

Lekkerland has responded to this development with a new exclusive and international own brand: “my basics”. This offers customers in Belgium, ­Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland high-quality products in the entry-level price segment.

The “my basics” concept and product range is primarily intended for professional food service customers, and it has undergone a rapid and successful development. After the introduction of milk and cold cuts, the product range was expanded in 2017 by new categories such as cheese, eggs, margarine, fish and sausages.

The aim is to continuously extend the product range in the future.

Tobacco: Preparations for Track & Trace

From 20 May 2019, every pack of cigarettes and fine-cut has to be trackable from the manufacturer to the retail outlet (almost) in real time. This “Track & Trace” is one of several measures including shock images that are part of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD II) of the European Union. The political goal of “Track & Trace” is to curtail smuggling and counterfeits.

While the impacts for individual shop operators are minimal, companies with several sales outlets and wholesalers have to make adjustments for additional administrative expenses and some new IT processes and systems, as well as changed processes in logistics. Independently of their size, Lekkerland will take on the majority of the burdens entailed by “Track & Trace” for its customers to the extent required. Since 2016, the company has been making very intensive preparations for “Track & Trace” and has supported the concrete arrangements of the regulation in close dialogue with politicians and government authorities in Berlin and Brussels.

Successful together

Once again in 2017, Lekkerland succeeded in impressing its customers throughout Europe with its services. The following extract from contract renewals, new customers and successful concepts highlights this achievement.

Belgium Conway in Belgium was able to extend a number of contracts including those with two oil companies. A new contract was concluded with another oil company for supply with electronic value products.

The launch of new shop concepts was also driven forward. A coffee corner module was developed specifically for smaller shops. It offers customers machines and furniture in different sizes. Shop operators are able to offer their customers high-quality Italian coffee and they are supplied with everything from coffee, through service to accessories in an all-round carefree package.


The Netherlands In the Netherlands, cooperation was expanded with Bakerstreet, a leading multi-brand operator in the Dutch ­convenience food segment. For example, ­Lekkerland is ­taking over the supply chain for Bakerstreet in relation to a food service ­concept in Dutch supermarkets.

New customers in the business year 2017 included an oil company and a retail company. Existing contracts were extended, notably those with three oil companies including Tamoil-­Klik.

In 2017, another dedicated food service concept was introduced with “punto gust”. The concept has a modular structure and it is ­adjusted individually to suit the requirements of the customer, shop and location.


Spain The Spanish national company Conway has expanded its position as one of the leading supply chain providers. Long-standing customer Burger King Spain extended the contract by a further five years until 2023 (see p. 8). 

Grupo Zena Alsea operates restaurants under the franchise of Domino’s Pizza in Spain and it awarded Conway a 5 Star Quality Award in 2017. This is the highest possible award that can be bestowed in the course of the annual customer audit.


Germany In Germany, contracts with Lekkerland have been extended by Esso, Tamoil, Q1 and Einkaufsgesellschaft freier Tankstellen mbH (eft) among others. ­Lekkerland will continue supplying filling station shops with a large proportion of their product range.

Furthermore, cooperation was agreed with eft in the area of food service. Additionally, close cooperation on the design of product range and shop was agreed with Esso. Lekkerland is thereby supporting its customers in serving the needs of the consumers even better.

The contract was also extended with the Tchibo GmbH coffee and retail firm. ­Lekkerland will supply the branches in Germany with deep-frozen, fresh and beverage products for a further three years.


Austria Since 2017, the Austrian ­national company has been using a Fresh Box fitted with a temperature data logger so as to supply customers promptly and efficiently with small volumes of fresh products such as cold cuts, salads and milk.

 An additional agreement has been made with Shell Austria GmbH in order to supply the “deli2go” bistros with frozen bakery goods and fresh products from the Lekkerland product range.

The Felber bakery chain was one of the new customers acquired. The branches are supplied with beverages, dairy products and ingredients for making products.


Switzerland Like customers in neighbouring Austria, the past year has seen Lekkerland customers in Switzerland being supplied with small volumes of ultrafresh products in the Fresh Box within a very short space of time.

Furthermore, the activities for further development of filling station shops have been strengthened by a joint venture. The strategic partnership was agreed with Oel-­Pool AG, a leading oil company and operator of 463 filling stations in Switzerland. The primary objective of the joint venture is to develop advanced concepts for filling station shops.