“The most important enabler”

Digital tools and solutions are increasingly making work and the everyday routine easier for people. Christian Grotowsky, Managing Director of IT ­subsidiary company ­Lekkerland information systems und Thomas Kühn, Director Corporate Digital Business ­Development, explain how Lekkerland is structuring processes even more ­efficiently and developing ­solutions from customers’ perspective so as to ensure that they enjoy long-term success.

Christian Grotowsky

Christian Grotowsky

Managing Director,
­Lekkerland ­information systems GmbH

Thomas Kühn

Thomas Kühn

Director Corporate ­Digital ­Business ­Development, ­Lekkerland AG & Co. KG

What does digitalisation mean for ­Lekkerland?
Christian Grotowsky_We believe that digitalisation is the most important enabler for successful implementation of our strategy. Our goal is to become “Your most convenient partner” for our customers. Digital tools and services play a very significant role in creating the pathway for reaching this goal.

As well as our customers, our employees also benefit from the advantages of digitalisation. For example, we have launched the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Solution throughout the Group and this will make both efficient cooperation and mobile working much easier for our workforce. That gives us more time for working for and with our customers.

Are you able to give some examples of digital tools and services from ­Lekkerland?
Thomas Kühn_Lekkerland24 and Conway24 form a focus. This web platform has long been more than simply an internet shop. This is where our customers receive comprehensive information about our product range and the variety of options available for getting into contact with us – for example, if they have specific questions or a com­plaint. We are continuously expanding the functionalities, particularly in the area of self-service.

How is Lekkerland responding to the fast pace of digitalisation?
Christian Grotowsky_We have established the Digital Governance Board as a committee that identifies digital solutions for customers and employees, prioritises them and drives them forward. The board sees itself as an accelerator for supporting digital ideas by offering employees opportunities to contribute promising ideas and then implement them.

Thomas Kühn_When we develop digital applications, we strategically adopt approaches from the start-up scene. For example, we deploy agile methods in product development in order to achieve results in the shortest possible time.

How do you ensure that your customers proceed at the same speed as you when they take the route into the digital future?
Thomas Kühn_We talk to them on a regular basis about their requirements for digital tools and services – this provides an important foundation for our activities in this sphere. Naturally, the requirements vary and we adapt our offering appropriately to meet different needs.

At the same time, we integrate our customers in the ongoing development of our digital offer by inviting them to take part in pilot projects. This approach enables us to receive valuable feedback as well as ensuring that we involve our customers on the roadmap to the digital future and develop solutions from the customer’s perspective.

What is the significance of Become One for the digitalisation of Lekkerland?
Christian Grotowsky_The introduction of a uniform IT landscape is the backbone of our digitalisation strategy. It will open up new opportunities and place us in the position of being able to respond even faster to changing market and customer needs. Of course, we are already working in parallel with Become One in a lot of different digital projects.

Which digital innovations are you ­introducing in 2018?
Thomas Kühn_We are currently working on a large number of new services that we are going to roll out or at least test this year. This includes a tool that informs the customer about the likely delivery time. And we want to make the ordering procedure even simpler for our customers. We will be testing voice-based order entry and a web shop tool that makes proposals to the customer concerning content and quantities on the basis of past purchase orders. All innovations have one thing in common. They improve the customer experience and take us a step closer to the goal of being “Your most convenient partner”.